Gillmeister Rename Expert 5.18.4

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Gillmeister Rename Expert - инструмент, который быстро и легко позволит вам переименовать определенное количество папок и файлов. Программа полезна тем пользователям, которые работают с большим количеством документов. Пользователи смогут использовать одни метаданные для переименовывания файлов. Программа Rename Expert также позволяет легко перемещать папки и файлы и создавать подпапки. Программа имеет ряд настроек, например, можно заранее задать переименовывание с установленным расширением.

Rename Expert provides users with a easy-to-use application which helps users to rename their personal files and folders. For instance you can use the photo taken date, image dimensions, artist or album of your MP3 files for file names. By using action lists, you can freely combine actions such as numbering, replacing, inserting, and moving individual parts of the name and save the lists for future use. Before the renaming takes place, the real-time preview and conflict-checking displays the new name and any existing naming conflicts. You will be able to easily undo any renaming action and recover the original names.

Various renaming functions
Replace, insert, move, swap, or remove name parts.
File extensions can be changed, added or removed.
Encryption of folder or file names.
Use of hash values(MD5, SHA1, SHA256, CRC32) of the file content as part of the file name.
Rename, add, remove, or change the case of file extensions.
The upper and lower case of names or parts of names can be arbitrarily changed; in addition, the spelling can be specified in a list.
Names of the parent folders can be used for naming.
Folders and files can be numbered with many settings options.
Rename file and folder names as specified in CSV files.
Usage of file content of documents for file names.
Use of random characters (uppercase characters, lowercase characters and/or digits) for file or folder names.
Support for regular expressions.

Additional functions and features
Renaming of folders along with subfolders and contained files in a single step.
Command line support
Detailed view displays file properties and metadata contained.
Any criteria that can become part of the name, can be used as sorting criteria (e.g., metadata, file size, modification date ...).
Extensive filtering options.
Support for Unicode characters in file names/folder names.
Moving/copying and renaming of files with full network support.
Real-time preview and conflict testing.
Reads files and folders with long paths (more than 260 characters).
Drag & drop support.
Renaming functions can be combined arbitrarily.
All settings can be saved as a profile for reuse
Previous names can be restored using Undo and Redo.
Lots of templates (e.g., for creating web-safe names) are included.
Lists with file and directory names can be imported and exported.
When copying or moving files, subfolders can be created dynamically from file properties (e.g., creation date, the image width ...).

Support of numerous metadata
Photo taken date.
Exif data (camera manufacturer, camera model, photographer, description, commentary, image width/height, horizontal/vertical resolution, flash use).
Image data (width/height, horizontal/vertical resolution, bit depth).
Audio data (artist, album, title, year, comment, track, genre, bit rate, album artist, composer, disc number).
IPTC data (country, country code, state, city, location, title, photographer, description, provider, source).
PDF data (version, author, title, subject, keywords, creator, producer, page count).
Video data if the plugin is installed (width, height, frame rate, standard, aspect ratio, audio codec, video codec, overall bitrate, video bitrate, audio bitrate, audio compression, duration, title).


v5.18.4 (2019-12-04)

Bug fixed: When creating folders using a list, the folder names had to be specified as absolute paths. Now it is sufficient to specify folder names in connection with the destination folder.

v5.18.3 (2019-11-04)

New option: Options --> General --> Show hidden elements in Explorer mode

v5.18.2 (2019-09-10)

An error concerning the detail display has been fixed.

Активация: присутствует
Язык Интерфейса: Английский
Платформа/ОС: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Размер : 10.24 Mб

Gillmeister Rename Expert 5.18.4

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