Adarian Money for Windows v5.0.2527

Adarian Money for Windows v5.0.2527

Adarian Money — программа для управления личными финансами. Позволяет следить за своими расходами, составлять бюджет, контролировать банковские счета, строить графики денежных потоков, проводить транзакции, рассчитывать выплаты по долгам и кредитам, вести полный лог операций, и многое другое.

A complete personal finance management program that lets you get control of your money! It helps you analyze how much you have spent, how much is left available, and what's your net worth. Money also reminds you of upcoming bills, alerts you when overdraft or over credit limit is about to happen. With Money's easy budget management function, you will always be on track! If you have a Windows Mobile or Palm OS handheld device, Adarian Money can run on it too. With the handheld version of Adarian Money, you can synchronize the data between the PC and the device so that no matter where you go, you have your Money with you.

Transaction Logging
Supports split transactions, sub- categories, customizable transaction types, payees, classes, check numbers, ...
Supports multiple currencies
Uses templates and auto fill-in for easier data entry.
Supports split transactions, categories and sub-categories, payees, classes, check numbers, ...

Investment Activities
Keeps a log of investment activities like buying or selling stocks
Reports to show current holdings, market values, net worth, gains, rate of returns, ...
Also supports employee stock options, automatically vests or expires shares when time come

Account Management
You can assign account limits so that when overdrafts or over credit limits are about to happen, a warning will be given
Easy account reconciliation and balance adjustment
Closes inactive accounts while keeping their data in the database for future reference.

Reports and Charts
13 types of reports with fully customizable options give you total control of how you analyze your money

Budget Planning
Each month can have a different budget; unused budget or overage can be rolled over to the next month
User-defined alert levels so that alerts will be issued even before you're over the budget
Spreadsheet-like user interface lets you easily edit a whole year's budget

Scheduled Transactions
Manages repeating transactions such as monthly bills or paychecks
Issues alarms before a transaction is due so that you won't miss any payment
Also supports one-off future transactions

Support of data encryption to protect your data
Fully supports printing of everything you see on screen Reminder of monthly bills

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