Gumboy Tournament v1.64 (by CINEMAX)

Gumboy Tournament v1.64 (by CINEMAX)

Долгожданный сиквел оригинальной аркады Gumboy Crazy Adventures.
Gumboy Tournament рассчитан на состязания между себе подобными, шарообразными персонажами, и позволяет играть как по сети, так и на компьютерах без подключения в Интернет. Уникальная физика игры, отличная графика и концепт, делают эту игру превосходным выбором, чтобы скоротать свой досуг.
В игре весёлая атмосфера, увлекательный геймплей, поддержка игры до 9 игроков одновременно, 20 уровней с разнообразным оформлением для мульти-плеера и 80 для одиночного режима, 4 режима, удобное управление, шикарная графика и впечатляющая физическая модель.

Finally, you can test your reflexes, judgement and tactics while facing up to eight other players! A single player game, a multiplayer and a team-match – all in one. Gumboy Tournament is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed and popular arcade game Gumboy: Crazy Adventures that won numerous accolades including Gametunnel's GAME OF THE YEAR 2006. Once again the player can explore many phantasy levels, great graphics, a lot of environment interaction and light and particle effects. However this time extra features have been added: finally you can compete against your friends over the net or even just on a computer without internet.
It's exactly the high amount of environment interaction, fast paced action and physical simulation that makes the game so fun when up to nine gumboys meet on one level. There is a lot that the new Gumboy title offers. As usual the visual environment has great looking graphics and is we think highly original. The same goes for the sounds and catchy game soundtrack.

Players can expect 20 sophisticated stages and 4 different game modes.
They can compete in the furious ”Capture the flag“ mode, chase score points generating star, collect diamonds or race through control points. All this is played out in highly complex levels full of spiral chutes, fountains, water-ways or even outer space, with planets and sudden gravity changes. There are also many special bonuses – be it the well-known magnetizer and other highly unique features not yet seen in any other arcade game.

Then in addition there's more that expands Gumboy Tournament. A whole new dimension of fun opens up in team-match mode.
Players can join teams that can compete against each other – it is even possible for up to 4 players to play on the same computer representing the same team while taking part in an online game. Naturally there's a single player mode as well. The player can go through a campaign or enter at any level and compete against up to 8 gumboy bots.

Game features:
• multiplayer for up to 9 gumboys (players/bots)
• online game over LAN and the internet, offline game on individual/home computers
• 20 stages with varied environments
• 4 different game modes allowed on any level
• physical simulation and new space levels based on the principle of gravity
• light and particle effects
• up to 4 players can compete on a single computer in splitscreen mode
• 80 levels single player campaign
• team-match

System requirements:
• Windows 2000/XP/Vista
• DirectX 9c
• 1.6 GHz
• 256 MB RAM

Resolution: Custom Fullscreen/Windowed
Размер: 85 Mb

Gumboy Tournament v1.64 (by CINEMAX)

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